Tuesday, July 14, 2009

piles a dirt........

Hidz toe jam'in it.

Monty get'in used to a weird tranny

Monty slip'in a foot off.

that pile off slap'd in dirt, someone got me ground chuck'in it

this guy knows how to drop a load off......here for kicks man crazy tits, cocks, beers & BMX! Ignore the content warning it's worth it! Sensorship sucks ass!

had a muck around with a few of the local lads, we slap'd in a lip in a pile of dirt, with a piss small gap 3-4ft...they wanted to learn some stunts & all that haha.....shit's scary when ya 3 ta flat hahaha, well a heap of dirt's been piling up @ the public jumps in Wanaka...someones gona finish the losemore spot off, maybe even do some much needed maintenance & even add new lines you'd imagine with the amount a dirt that's piling up there, anythings possible tho, more on that later, get out an dig abit....it's fun.

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