Saturday, July 25, 2009

roast'in times!

Bonjour, well trubmx has been stir'in shit up & dribbl'in on now for a little over a year , wipe'n dribble from my chin is a daily operation, drool'in over dialed trails is all i do, so if i even had a life i'd do somethang else maybe?...... nope i don't think so trails kick ass, build'in 'em takes time & the rewards......make it all worth it. So to celebrate trubmx hit'in 1, Louis & i cranked the gene, got the lights blaz'in, dug & slapped tranny's. Today i rode my little kids bike all day, hit fresh lips kicks ass, did some stunts & made moto sounds, goodtimes! Why the hell am i type'in this crap, who knows? Just watch the vid if ya ain't seen it! It's d proper way to ride a bike! Ou rivoir.

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