Wednesday, July 15, 2009

EARTHQUAKE & stony hills.......

the day b4 stony waz roll'in sweet, winter, snow is only fun up a mountain!

new line going thru right of 3rd outside, will be fast an theres gona be some big stuff put in if ya go right were ya cant see.

the whole mid section has all been dug in, built up.

look'in back up from the mid section.

look'in back up just below the top.

ohhhh did you feel it last night? fuck yeah we all felt it, i was in a club spin'in tunes, no needle skipage, psyched! Wanaka about 500km from the epicentre, damage? d earth moved 4 sure, 7.8 on d scale, tsunami warnings around the Pacific rim, surf's up dude? Ah no, no massive killer sets. I was more worried 'bout the trails get'in all shaken down, that would really suck big time. Mother nature sure is in control of us minuscule humans, yep she'll kick our ass one day & swallow us up in a second, so keep it green, funny read.

On the trail tip tho stony is look'ing dam sweet, it's gona be sooo fun to roll as soon as winter's over, so it's get'in close to loading up the tools, hit'n d road & get stony roll'in for those roast'in summer daze to come. Were i'm digging it's rock solid frozen, maybe that earthquake lose'in'd the dirt up? Fat chance a that, need a big quake for that. If ya'v rolled stony you'll get the pics above, right, if not well work it out, it's easy.....dig trails & enjoy earthquakes!


dirtjmper69 said...

dem jumps r mean but most of dem r way 2 big, me nd sum mates r gonna go out thier dis wknd and make da lipz smaller nd better ne one who wnts to help meet us thier. look on vorb 4 more info on 'da meet'!

TRUBMX said...

you sound like you have no idea buddy, ya might wanna talk to Henry b4 ya go out to them there stony hills, if any diggin or changing of lips is hap'nin it's H's call! Sounds like ya just try'in to wind us up! No invite no go zone! right!