Sunday, March 8, 2009

Build The Park Jam

The weather forcast is look'in dope for this weekend, blue skies & fuck all wind ( it's a long forecast so who knows, fingaz crossed eh!), the rain hasn't washed the park away or my trails haha oh there was a little snow on a couple Mts dis morn, yep chilly! Some of the goodies are in the post & some arn't........ but hey it's all about just hav'in a sweet day roll'in the park & rais'in some loot for the new concrete to come, see ya on d weekend! The 2nd "Build The Park Jam" is gona happen on Saturday 25th April, flier to come! And here's a funny vid of Marley get'in jumped! Ya Dig!


sam said...

woop woop cant wait for the weekend 24 hour party people style nice vid of marley.

trubmx - trail riders untited bicycle motocross said...

yeah i'm sure we can all invade Kai for a few brewskis & then head over to Mint Bar... all ways some thang go'in on there that's why it's so mint!