Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wanaka "Build the Park Jam" round 1

here's bit of a slap together of footage from the 1st "Build The Park Jam" & i hate computers for many reasons haha! So I've been play'in with better toys like my bike, ya know enjoy'in the Gorge, hang'in at Stony Hills (cheers H & K for the roof) an do'in a few other missions while the sun's still around ... there's a fun new line @ Stony Hills that flows from the top thru a few gaps & get's ya back to the hut almost fun fun, loads of berms, a little dragon back, rollers & a nice kicker into the last landing (outside line) But back to the Jam it was a ripper of a day, no shitty wind all day & just loads of sun blast'in! So beer went down soo good! I was on the mic most of the day but no cotton mouth thanks to BEER!

The big boys who stole there little brothers bikes to ride like Jake Milburn (Oz), John Wells (Ireland) ,Mikey (Belgium) & Cam did a few dam stunts & had a dam good time! Ryan Corrigan even turn't up...but only a day late haha nice dude tho, happy travels Ryan. The little punks were ripp'in Lewis from Alex, Hidz, Monty, Levi, Bean & that kid from dudz were get'in silly on sugar loaded fizzy drink all day & were send'in it for the crowd, shit even right into the crowd haha so even with most of the sponsors forget'in to send loot for the prize pool, dam slackers they are, the kids still got a few goodies so big up's to Mike @ ZombieBMX, Rachelle @ Cheapskates for com'in thru with some goodies for the riders!! And Ollie @ Kipor for the sweet generator..i'm buy'in one!

So the 2nd trubmx "build the park jam" is on the 25th April same park, same time ...flier soon come, i gota sort out some reliable sponsors first, or not even bother with sponsors haha still undecided on that topic tho, kids love prizes, a beer sponser maybe hahaha who said that? Get ya hands dirty, dig trails!


Anonymous said...

shit video compared to tims...

TRUBMX said...

i don't normaly publish stupid anonymous messages, but i did this time, this loser want's it up! hahhaha what a fool who ever you are, what are you doing for your local park & community aye?

You can't even use ya name, grow some balls son! Like i said it's a slap together of some footage we got, you dumb ass! Who's Tim any way? Ride on & have fun.

SOFA KING said...

LOL because you are such a great example to the "community" because the "community" totally values some washed up trails douche trying to convince them to spend their money on some boring skatepark extension in a town that doesnt need it. Shame you ain't got no money over there, (job?) fag ass pussay. Just children you gheyed ahahaha. oh btw I suspect the "community" might value you know like a job and a contribution to the local economy more than a lame, ("hands up Asher your busted! Where's ya brakes son")
welfare collecting, food stamp, child spawning, broke ass, self righteous blogger REAL TALK :)