Monday, February 8, 2010

best of both worlds & Cam's trails

this is such a treat, Vinyl BMX put this out a good year ago & i just seen it up on vimeo so if ya ain't seen it, well push play suckaz & enjoy...full of rad trails footy from Punjab's trails, POSH & Eastside filmed in PA & TX if ya don't kno ya should if ya on this site plus heap a frang'in dope parks, a little street, a mad as water park/slide treat & some of the sweetest tunes, so if ya don't already own a copy like me...ya can down load it! If that don't hit the spot.....what will? Yup hit the vimeo logo on the player & get it! Enjoy!

Vinyl BMX's full length video with roasting by Mike Parisi, Kevin Porter, Tom Arkus, Brandan Pundai, lil Jon, Tony Cardona, Ryan Melia &Friends

This is so fresh filmed on the 4th feb 2010 @ cam White's ....just watch the vid it's badder than bad SO LARGE! Cam sure has a ticket to ride & fly like an eagle haha a dailed yard! The jam footy is gonna be dam insane i'm guess'in....wait for it

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