Friday, February 12, 2010

Hillside Dirt Jam 2010

While downing my normal 3 litre mug a coffee this morning, Henry telling me the rains have come to Stony Hills which is so good for getting it ready for our jam in 2 weeks, check'ing e-mails, an sorting some more Stony jam stuff out, i seen drew sent me this, cheers bro!....this vid fuck'in rocks! Feel'in it for the dude who rag dolls...i hope he's alright, go you Ozzie battlers!

...Once upon a time over the ditch (a big ditch at that) in a land called OZ where they frang it, roast it large & spell beer like this XXXX r 18 shit HA!! Anyway "The Hillside Dirtjam" went down on the 6th of February 2010, all thanks to the hard work of Cam White and his family. King Of The Hill was Unit Athlete Dane Searls, Best Trick went to Dane's team mate Cam Pianta and Josh Stead took out Best Style! Big ups to Cam & his fam for putting on yet another amazing Dirt Jam!

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