Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ler Gorge Jam

Nath G of Phatlines, ler condor'in it proper

Ozzie import QT local Ricky spin'in outa ler shark fin

Ler Stony Hills trailboss Henza, kick'in it!

yep i did'nt make it, missed a fun jam (they'll be more), digg'in instead, a bust up 20", an psyched it rained (it still is too) but had a catch up wit Henry in Crompton tho earlier in the day an have a new ride mmmm, so i leeched a couple a pics of T.P. & yep TJ Lav'in was right!

"This place has got to be one of the best public jumps parks on earth man, there's a party over there (big line), gonna go get me some"

So get over/down/up/ sideways there as Ler Gorge is always dialed in & runnin sick as, cheers to Nath G & his loyal diggin rats, i'm gona go get some on d weekend if d weather holds, all those dirty phat tranny's will be running so nice after all this rain we've been get'in, Dig trails or at least pull finger & help out!...... trails eddikit that is! (who cares bout spellin it right)

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