Friday, January 22, 2010

digs & stuff

Mikey's digs in a Belgian fungi smurf infested wood somewhere?

same digs dif angle & there's some lines going on...dig on Mikey...see ya soon ya wee ripper!

Tim Hales having a rad as hell time in pipe heaven & don't for get 2nd "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton" 20th march 2010...yeah i kno where's the flyer, it'll drop asap& there's gonna be one hell of a fun suprise! Here's a hint you can get stupidly crazy & try insnae trickery if ya up to it & it's full of air?.....yup keep guess'in!

Hidz thrown'in his arms out @ the gorge

the Fu beastie...if only ya could hear this little beast, you would be afraid! HA!

2.35 Sergio phatness mm mmmmmm love'in this rubber, i got a phatty over it, you should get a phatty too for your own devil machine @ backbone bmx mang they're super psyched on dig'in jumps to mang!

oh yeah only 5 weeks out till the "Stony Hills Trail Jam" & loot is turning up mm mmmmm a few tease'in pic's soon & don't forget if ya gonna turn up for this trails etiquette is a must Lets just say i'm weting my pants & drooling over some sweet loot! Enjoy summer mang it's cranking.... an dam it's been 3 years since guiri & i lost this spot! Life's a dig so we dig on... trails 4 life! An hoooly i seen this a week ago the new camp woodward with an asian twist, pretty gnarly...i guess they'll have some dirt too no doubt, an one seen the plans?

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