Saturday, January 9, 2010

Euro chill, grandma's & 13 09 fav's

love this pic! Dig on Alex...see ya soon bro!

It's cold enough in Wales to rough it in a igloo, nice one Sion ya not miss'in out on Wanaka sun there is none just dam wind & rain.....come back summer! just when i thought our weather was shit in NZ, i'm so feel'in for all you boy's in Europe & the USA, you must all be get'in slammed just look at the stae of Playboss trails in France, looks like some kind a snow boarders dream possibly...i kno one thing's fa sure they ain't gonna be roast'in none!

Robbo put this bit a frang'in up the other day, gotta love the helmet fly'in off mid flight near the start, safty 1st aye & dam one a those boys has some knightrider turbo boost pop!

A day at the grandma's trails

ok then here's my fav 13 vids from 09 in no particular order, they're all dam good an represent the way trails life is, goodtimes a plenty & pure passion to keep trails alive! Don't forget ya roots as it all began with a shovel & some dirt! Ride fast & frang it some! I'm sure ya'll dig'em all! Big up's to all the digger's, you reap what you sow...a say'in that rings tru no matter what! Enjoy!

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