Thursday, June 10, 2010

the morning post....

was full the goods from Mike @ wasted youth, cheers dude dam psyched & CASE is a good read (issue 3 out anyday) not to mention a bunch a sweet pic's (as you can see below, am i in trouble 4 this?) this sweet as mag deserves a bunch more exposure it's 100% Independent, by BMX'ers for BMX'ers & outta the UK so track it down, pour a beer & enjoy beers for breakfast.... a meal in a bottle mm mmmmmmmmm!

So if your wondering it sometimes takes a while for the good stuff to reach us, you try living at the ass end of the world haha it's PARADISE i wouldn't change a thing...except maybe the government that wanna rape the land, help the rich get richer, destroy eco systems for short term profit & wanna let some Brazilian oil company prospect here...just look at the state of the Gulf of Mexico yup short sited FOOLS That need to WAKE THE FUCK UP! Everyday New Zealander's won't stand for it! They won't last long, the nats (national party) never do 100% pure NZ not for long with national running the circus, if ya voted nats your a douche bag...politrix not politics, whoooaaa of on a tangent again! Click on the pic's for a little sneaky read if ya keen, the survey is classic, it must off got some hairs up on a few dudes backs haha! Get CASE at Wasted Youth & Backbone Bmx! Trails are so SCREAMING just a dig or not to dig, i say DIG....fuel the passion, buy a flathead & get slapping (once you've stack it up)

Jem's...the Compression dude roast'in it some at Epsom

read it & check the you qualify?

an heres a sweet little vid, enjoy!

if ya didn't kno Spike Jones produced & directed this dope Pharcyde vid

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