Monday, June 28, 2010

mid winter fin fun

Ollie's loving it & I'm loving Ollie's turndowns..sooo bad ass!

here's a few average pic's of the fin berm jump thang i finished off on saturday night along with a much needed drain, cos i've got no life other than dig'n & laugh'n @ drunks as they stagger thru the trails at night hahha it's amazing, like pack a zombie's navigate'n thru the woods & how stuff doesn't get trashed by them all i don't kno? No drunk girls tho a dam sausage fest. The fin will end up vert very soon, mellows good for everyone to get used to it some then it'll get corrupted. Cheers to the QT boys for coming over, fun sesh it's the middle a winter, ya gotta be psyched on that! MOTO's rolling this weekend! Braaaaaaauup! Lights in the woods this Wednesday night 30th June 7pm till late, so come help finish off the last lip/landing & return berm on MOTO if your a REAL lismore up!

it's dam cold here right now!

Claudio's fine swiss work was in the post today, so easy to put on your Deluxe & there ain't no shortage of spare parts! Thanks heaps digger, happy dig'n & watch that wine haha!

An a BIG GET WELL goes out to Pete'er! Heal ya can get back to this! SAFE!



i stumbled upon this as ya do...fuck yeah girls & bikes it's worth a nosey while PC chill'in

what it time to switch for springs, gears & more rings? ahhh NO

here's some H-cam footy, RH is a fun spot, it's been a long time since i rode there (2005 i think) it's sure looking dialed these days since it's now a legit spot

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