Sunday, June 20, 2010

tea shack, B.W.T. & digs

boys chilll'in in the woods having some goodtimes, check out the berms at this spot, so fun.....the english summer is lookin's all drizzle here right now lots a diggin going on oh yeah!

There was good turn out a locals (us old men) at saturdays Lismore work day, a car load a QT boys came an helped dig some, Dan had the loader all weekend so the last 2 landings on MOTO got stacked up, 2nd berm got more dialed, a new berm fin lip thing got built into the mainline & a dam sweet late arvo sesh went down, it's the middle a winter an were still riding trails fuck yeah! Not many young bloods helped out only Hunter, Ollie, Callum & Mark you guys rule, props to ya, such good etiquette unlike the rest of those slacker youngbloods! Sundays drizzle came down all day an more dirt was stacked in the right places........all we need now is some fine weather to dry it all some, dial it in & roast! Cheers to everyone who helped out (you know who you are) another dam productive weekend digging trails yeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

you've gotta watch this....the title says it all, summertime goodtimes in Europe with some deluxe & soul help.....there's alot a trails over there, the scene looks dam healthy & sooo much a clay! I have gotta book a flight sooon....i need a night job that pays so i got one, so cheers Tim @ Trout Bar it's goona be mad hang'in in a kitchen again with ya bro hahhahaha I'll be think'in of my ticket the whole time.

24'' cruizers go good!

an here's a few hottie's for Claudio way over in Switzerland, i told you dude just for you!

Cluadio makes these sweet chain tensioners for your deluxe

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