Sunday, June 13, 2010

stomping ground & digs

the Stomping Ground tranny slaying thang went down over the weekend just gone in Chicago, Fuzzy designed the set up, pretty mad seeing cars stacked up with dirt to roast over hahha & redbull yet again throwing a bunch a cash into a rad dirt jumping event, 1st Brandon Dosch, 2nd Doyle & 3rd Hucker...... check it out for more after the jump. An check the stomping vid below.

freshly steeped up 2nd landing on MOTO

7th lip on MOTO & snow capped Mts......beautiful.

on the Wanaka front more dialing went on sat morning, Barney was the only local to turn up an help dig, cheers dude. Ain't it funny how dudes turn up when your digging & don't even ask if they can help in some way especially when Saturday morning is a work bee remember? Anyway the 2 of us built up/steepened the 2 landing on moto, then rode it in the arvo & dam it feels sooooooo gooood! You can hit the 2nd faster now, roast it, nose it in & roast the 3rd...go fast & pull back yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! Dig & ride, the way it should be!

here's some footy of some radness, ya might have seen 'em already but dam there all worth watching a few times, so get inspired......sun is shinning!


Ryan said...

Rad. Might have to do a road trip to Wanaka over summer Lismore's looking SICK!

TRUBMX said...

do it man, MOTO's so gonna be dailed in the next few weeks'ish! The only major mish is the last landing (8th hit) & that'll be all sorted this weekend hopefuly...stay tuned for pics!