Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Bowls & mini set up dis day & 1 a d twins ripping it up (rest of park outa shot 2 d right)

Here's Eddie, roostin it @ Newton's playground 08, hittin The Dipper @ 65kph & there's 3 peeps outta shot in his wake !!! DH Sk8'in !!! RESPECT !!

Well this is how it is with the wanaka sk8 park extentions, had a chat with Eddie Spearing (president/ wanaka sk8 club) down at the park today , an it turns out that the size of the planned new extentions are gona make the park almost 3000 square meters in total area (Reefton is 2100square meters , i think ?) so that's real good news an will mean during winter it'll spread out the load as it gets soo packed with all the sno bunnies around . The size of what's there right now is just on 850 square meters , so if ya do d math wanaka sk8 park will be 3 times the size of what's all ready there !!!! Hell YEAH

So all that's needed now is loads of $$$ to build it all , so expect to see a few dates soon about bmx & sk8 Jams & comps soon etc etc !!! There's lot's of fundraising to do indeed !! The planed completion for all this is buy 2010 (hopefuly), but ya never know what could happen between now & then aye , as there's plenty of wealth in wanaka & the fact that the wanaka park is the district park for the QLDC region means loads more council funds are to be allocated (maybe) !! I hav'nt heard exactly how much $$ is needed, the plans they have are a bit old an need updating so once the new plans are all drwn up maybe then the cost will be known!!! There's definatly gona be more bigger bowls that will add on to the existing two (6.4 ft & 4ft) via the mini oh yeah , 10ft will be the max depth the bowls will go due to hight & building restrictions (QLDC's rules i guess), so as soon as new plans re drawn up i'll put them on here for ya all ta dribble over.

there's a meeting next week so i'll let ya all kno what up after it & i'll post a link ta d Wanaka sk8 park site when i find out what it is, until then go ride ya bike & stop being such computer geeks like me ha ha ha !!! PEACE

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