Tuesday, July 8, 2008

REBELYELL BMX MAG !!! Cover shot

Rick Hayward - Melbourne brocolli power !! Photo Chris Polack
I had ta post it again for a few peeps as this shot so rad much radder than you ha ha !!!! So go get ya greasy mitts a copy of the new end of summer 08 issue of REBELYELL now !!!! revolutionnz.com have it in stock NOW !!! only $10 plus postage to were eva ya dwell & smell NOW!!! mmmm there's soo many more amazing photo's by Chris Polack , Raine Turnball , Nick Gascoine , Seaton Spratt an more of BMX trickery inside ! Big ups to Chris Polack (editor/photographer) , he's workin hard on the next issue right NOW ! OH YEAH !!

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