Tuesday, July 22, 2008

computers are gay !!! but not the Blood Pit !!

i'm sure the blood pit will be in a state all full of glass , Pete's a good sweeper !!

Pete Cooper rollin the Pit (Mornington Bowl, Dunedin NZ)

yeah i had issues wit me dam computer there fix'd & all is sweet now !!! Were headin ta Dunedin ta dig , ride trails & hit a few choice spots like the Blood Pit , the streets & a few curved wall rides i saw last time i waz in Dudz ( that's if the weather lets us ha !!) will hopefuly get some nice footage & Photo's ta post next week some time !! just not sure whos' in on the mish Nath , Ben & Me so far still waitin ta hear from Lowell , Kelly & John hola bac fellaz so i can pick ya up !!!!

There's been loads of rain & our drainage at the new trails is sweet as !! not one puddle anywhere !!! diggins slow at the mo & i could be able ta post a few snaps of the new trail spot in a week or two !! but the location will remain unkown for obvious reasons aye !! go ride & dig ya own trails !!!! have a sweet weekend punks !!

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