Tuesday, July 8, 2008

WANAKA PARK - use ya eye's & have a safe roll !!

This time last year , Greg, Pete , Lowell , Mo & Sion full moon sesh on's

Yep with winter comes loads of peeps wantin ta sesh up d local concrete slabs & bowls an why not as it all rules !!! Just watch out for the ice in the bowls as it's brutal !!! It's real bizy at the mo so if ya wana tip from me get ta d park before the ski fields shut (4pm daily) as after 4:30pm it get's real packed an that's when ya gota either leave or switch ta big city mode & get ya mean street eyes on , to just ta get a clean roll at anything , well frustrating if ya wana roll the whole park !!! Most peeps are tired from snow boarding & ski'n all day by the time they turn up at the park they be half baked & asleep ha ha an just don't use their red tired eyes, just plain STUPID !!!

no matter how ya roll & have fun !!! PLEASE EVERYBODY USE YOUR EYES !!!!
or somebody is gona get hurt real bad soon!!!! It's just common sense realy , come on fools !!!

I unfortnatly skooled 3 euro's the hard way as i held my lines ( when ya 10ft above the park what else can ya do) , no one realy got hurt just a bit a blood , bruising & crushed egos ha ha . It's gotta be heavy when from above steel & flesh is flyin at ya aye !! If ya got eye's it pays to use them !!!! I even put my brakes back on just ta feel a bit safer with all the out of towners around ( oh & for the new trails were dig'in !!!) ha ha is english so hard to learn ??? PEACE.
Enjoy the rest of winter cos the snow is gona go , as quick as it falls it melts back to the sea !!!!

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