Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ahh the mountains ..... rainy days & sunshine.

bring on the rain !!!

1/4's rule with back drops like these , Ezra floatin abit , photo ?

There's been alot of weather like d greyness uptop & it's all good fa diggin d earth , an diggin in the rain is even better so with a well good sesh behind d shovel's & wheelbarrow's over the past few weeks the trails are takin shape nicely , so with in a week or so hopeful we'll start rollin the line , an yer fellaz if you are keen to help dig abit Saturdays ( you've got me digits , so hola at me ) are best for everyone. Night diggin is about ta kick off during the week ,light's shovels & action !!!

It's always sweet when the sun comes out an dry's up d concrete , well it don't melt the permafrost in d bowls at all , but it makes the 1/4's & mini all sweet ta roll & do skids & tricks on ha ha ha !!! A big welcome to wanaka !! all you outa town hobo'in BMX' az !!!!! If ya see any asswipes smashing glass at the park hold ya ground an tell 'em ta " fuck right off " , as the boy's that clean it up get sicka sweepin up the glass !!! Bad Karma to them !!! That's the problem with no lights at the park ya get idiots doin stupid shit an they ain't seen do'in it , WANAKA SKATE PARK needs lights not only so ya can ride at night but ta mostly stop dorks shitting & smashing glass all over it !! Yep shit i've cleaned up human shit twice , WTF !! why don't they go shit on the grass like the mungrels they are !!!! ha ha !!!

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