Friday, August 14, 2009

bloodpit.... helmet cam

if ya to scared to ride the mornington bowl or ya just ain't seen the bloodpit, heres a choice little vid that Clinton Smith filmed & edited.....just for you pussy's out there to get a vert loving riders view of the gnar! Nice work Smithy, even tho the song put me to sleep hahahhaa! Ride on


Will said...

I remember watching clinton shred the bowl when i was like 10... When there were lights at each end he would pump about seven feet on the bar! OLD SCHOOL LEGEND

TRUBMX said...

yo Will, did ya ever witness Clinton kill'in it in the blood pit with 10ft air's? that was a treat i'm sure i watched him do 540's, condors & tailwhips to man, at an easy 7-9 foot, plain nuts, both of us are old men now hahahaa so i think it's time to kill it with style man!