Monday, August 31, 2009

Wanaka BMX Inc. & willow st. trails

dam we've been gett'in some rain wanaka & that dam spring wind is back, so geek'in abit & dig'in out some nice trail footy of the dam intrudernet, could we all live without it? hahahah Cheers for the direction Randy, Willow St. looks fun man, ya gotta sweet spot....even a Texan local is roast'in 'em up.

right o then a small update with progress of the almost newly formed Wanaka BMX Inc. i'm form'in as a voice for the local BMX scene here in wanaka & also to push for land to build public trails (lismore is a mountain bike freestyle park & does not cater for BMX'ers at all! Even tho the majority of peeps riding it are BMX'ers WTF!), Kahu Youth's Kim & Rich are on the the committee so psyched to have them on board as this is all about the kids man & us big kids, along with few local riders & because ya gotta be over 18 to on the committee i've been talk'in & signing up a load off local kids parents to the committee also.......they all 100% support this move, which is rad for our scene which is tight & small...but constantly growing....

an all you local rippers it's only gona cost ya $5 to join the club ( rules & that's a lifetime membership to man)...more updates as i get thru all the paper work! So "don't hang out with me kids i'm gett'in a bad rep in wanaka" hahaha right o Dan (443 boss) your full of know what capital S ends with a T as for the rest of his ignorant mates (they know who they are vultures & cowboys) it's small town so i'd watch what ya say fellaz! as it all gets to my ears! So we'll do our thing & you can do your thang, an i guess until we get what were after we'll just have to ride Lismore & make it work nice once ya walk away you did the whole of the past year!

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