Thursday, January 26, 2012

Siligna n PMP are clayfests!

Mikey wing'in his way to Qtown, see you soon you dam 'lil beast! Look'in 4ward to tuning back into the Gorge with you buddy, drive safe! Yeeeeeoooww!

In try'in to catch up with what's go'in on in the NZ trails scene i stumbled upon these & poached 'em from dirty rotten facewastebook today, hope you don't mind Caleb, arrrh i'm a pirate aarrrhhh......Big ups, keep up the good work digger! All that clay just turns me on!

life in dirt.

Siligna Woods boss Caleb after tweak'in tabo's like Foster?............the truth is out there HA! Dig on boys!

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