Wednesday, December 21, 2011

it's a new year's journey'n'trails'n'travel

Gorge'ous gorge.....onto the wind you shall float

brakeless wanaka scum bags are shred'in it up! That's so mature of you Monty, bird bird bird
Happy new Years to the Wana'z BMX

sum dude on a bouncy bike wanted to ride the trails, um no DH or bouncy free ride bikes r welcome at the Gorge, go to the wynyard, skyline or 7 mile man hahaha the dude thought i was joking, so i sent him to SATAN to discuss it hahhaa hilairious!

have you ever been taken to paradise..........................

oh yeah it's back & dam where not wast'in time, well some of us have gone down so dam early in the season, but hey it's all part of the game we play, yup roast'in trannys alday is the god dam truBMX way! Yeeeeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwww!

The 13/12/11 was a dam heavy day. Lucky for some , unlucky for others....i slip'd into the unlucky crew, but the positive out of a negative is that i was dam lucky after all! It just takes time to find the positives in negatives situations in LIFE! I just gotta give a big shout out to Lowell "Diggity", Chris Radford & Nath Greenwood, Ely, Mart (my flatties), Pete & Shan Miller dam crazy downhillers & all the amazing Doctors, nurses @ Franton & Southland Hospital, thanks for keep'in me i guess ALIVE AN KICK"IN! MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL, MERRY CHRISTMASS & I HOPE EVERYONE ACROSS THE GLOBE HAS A SWEET AS NEW YEAR!

Massive big thanks go out to my amazing supportive family here in Auckland, thank you soooo much for getting me up here after the accident, new doors have been opened & so many positive people live in Aucks, i look at my home city in a new light as big as Aucks is, everybody i've meet up here has been soooo RAD! All the best with 2012 goes out to everyone! RocK on mang yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooowww!

I'm just saving the best till last...a very Special amazing thanks goes out to that amazing cali girl who rocks my world Mariah, if it wasn't for trails i would not have meet you @ the Gorge open day jam after party! 3 is the magic number after all! I don't kno how to thank you in words. Thanks for talking me thru & just being there for me while i was bed riddin, such amazing could have easily just walk'd away, i owe you more than you can imagine...see you soon 'Cheri!

cos if it wasn't for you all i might not be here, well who knos.......


For the Passion. from Riding Way. on Vimeo.


Kag said...

Much love Jimmy, great to see all the pics, hope you are healing up, see ya all son bro, Ian x x

fungus said...

Yo dude,I think your mail has been hacked,Got a gay arse e-mail from you asking for 300euro to help you back to NZ... hahahaha... Best of luck!!!
PS: Happy New Year dude...