Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gorge Road Trails & QT Bowl Open Days 08

Gorge Road Trails, Queenstown, New Zealand !

this is me (James Keane) not doing a stunt & hav'in abit a fun with some dirty 'ol tranny's

Micheal Lefebvre , sendin it , tight as in the middle man !

Jason Parks , Hand plantin d big end, the mind & builder of the coolest & scaryest bowl in NZ !

yeah surfs up man !

BIIIIGGG UUPPPSS ! to Nath Greenwood, QT MTB Club , QLDC & all the loyal diggers that helped Nath build one hell of a fun as f*#k public jump park !! OOOHHHH yeeaaahhhh no uther public park can even come close to the dopeness at the Gorge, straight up !! All day the biggest line was seshed hard , if you build it they will come & they did from all over the south Island ! As most of us got tuned in to all the fresh trannys & lines ! TJ Lavin & Jake were thrown down some sick stunts on there little kids bikes !! Yep party's on a few tranny's went down with some cool as transfers by Nath , TJ & Jake ! Shit the first thang i hit to warm up , well along with most the uther dirty minded boys & girls ( yes girls , an pretty too !) was the big left line !!! Fun in d sun , only a couple of nasty slams went down , Karl , bro i hope ya head's feelin good bro , your a battler man & well me with a heavy over jump to hi tail to beating , then back into it, I'll have a small vid up in a day or 2 of some of the dirty action !

Nath , Henry , Micheal , Simon & me got to the Gorge well early to set up stuff & to hose the place down & once we started riding we just couldn't stop riding so so much fun , 9am till 9pm , long as & a hot killa sun blast'in d whole time, so it was a slappin' sesh then to Revolver, nope to dam sleepy hhaha off to bed. Come Sunday it was down to the new concrete bowl/ sk8 park open day , time to chill watch some dope sk8'in ,well good to watch this bowl get'i n seshed hard by some coo as old skool rippers & legends Eddie Spearing , Jason Parks, Dean Hunt & that Brazilian dude who kills it man , soo fast ! Micheal could'nt help himself an had to have a roll on his little sisters bike & open a few boys eyes to how to hit it up on a BMX ! , he's got some cool lines in that pit fa sure !! Big up's to Jason Parks (hopefuly Jason will be help'in with the Wanaka Sk8 park extentionz to) , Wakatipu sk8 club, QLDC & all the extra help'in hands for gett'in the bowl & park built !!

Was super cool to catch up with everyone at the Gorge & sk8 park over the weekend, summers here so get dirty man !!! My 3rd kid is due in less than 15 days ,AARRRHHH ........ i just hope i can get a few more rolls at d Gorge before it comes !!! Then well my life is over......... hahhhaah what ever !! Ride on 4 eva man !!!

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