Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Aitken wanaka jam postponed , I'm hav'in a BABY !

While i'm down here hopefully there'll be time for some of this & a bit of trails action!

All right folks the Help Mikey Jam is on hold, so don't turn up to wanaka sk8 park on 13th , an wounder why there ain't no jam happin'in as i'm down on the east coast HAV"IN BABY 3 !!!! So as soon as the little ratbag shows it's cute little face to us all i'll be able to sort the jam for Mikey out! Is it a boy or a girl ? WHO KNOWS! I'll keep ya all updated with the news as soon as i know , I'm off to the hospital right NOW!! Hopefully all goes well with the birth & sanity prevails, I'll look at sortin the Help Mikey Jam out for the end of January as i'm gona be busy help'in 'Chelle out with the our baby ,an my usual clients Marley & Dharcy, right oh gota go !!

The Gorge Open day & QT sk8 park open day vids , are gonna have to wait , till i find some time to put it all together , but i edited all the sections an the footage looks sweet as for ya to reminisce 'bout the days fun !! Stay RAD !!! I'm hav'in another kid AAARRHHHHHHH ........hahahahaha all good 2 kids is fun 3 well that's just gona make it well crowded!!! Being a dad is full of fun & a bit nuts at the same time !!!Sleep is good ! Slap abit a dirt daily i still do !

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Scott said...

Babies!!!!!!! yea buddy good luck to you both, im layed up on the couch again. Got all the pins out now tho, all expt half one that they snaped off!!!!!
Merry xmass and happy new babies