Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gorge Trails ! Queenstown NZ Dec 6th open day ! YEEPEEEE !

oh yes look at all the philphee phat dirty trannys everywhere !! Hit dis image for steriod vision !

OH YEAH ! Saturday 6th December , $10 to ride ( fundraisin for more dirt man , so be cool) 3pm onwards if ya wana get dirty & ya shralp on , bring ya wallet & helmet !! The Gorge is lookin super fresh man even TJ Lavin is pumped along with the rest of us dirty tranny lov'in bikers, an there will be stuntin on trick bikes no doubt , choice, bring ya moms she'll be fizzin on it hahaha !!! And as long as the weather holds , it'll be a RAD as day tuning into all the new lines & man look at all the transfers ( Mr Dirtfarmer already has some big transfers going on) that will be possible if ya got some balls or ya boost on can't wait !! See ya there !!! PRIZES , TUNES, BBQ, GIRLS in bikinis & boys in lycra ?? Dig trails & lycra on hot girls yeowwww !

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