Saturday, December 13, 2008

Prettyshaddy 5

prettyshady, trails. from josephrobert on Vimeo.

mm Prettyshaddy 5 will be out soon or is it already out , start searchin for it !! ! dope footage from trails , ya know mounds of soil slaped so hard, ya can send it ! Shot on location man around d UK , France , Italy & US ? i think theres some trails in the US aye ?? Alright then that's the last you'll hear from me for a month !! hahha find ya own trail treats oh & DIG !! Till next time , um stay RAD & RIDE ( but make sure ya dig & tell no one who don't dig where they are ! Keep ya trails hidden & secret, no dig no ride !) Party time 2009 is com'in ! Ride on !

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