Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gorge Road Phatlines !

Cheers to LB & Corban for the slide show of Gorge road , an dam all the new extensions are lookin off the hook , thanks to Mr Dirtfarmer (Nathan Greenwood- Phatlines)he's been feeding his 3 tonne loader loads of steroids & piling that dirt dam high like 15 feet high man ,there's been loads of shaping , slappin & pack'in goin on, an there's a pump track to get ya back to the start of it all once you've blasted some tranfers & tranny's man , oh yeah no peddling back to the roll in , peddlin's for racing man not trails haha !! Sorry no photo's , respect for Nath , the Gorge is still shut down an can't to be far off being opened again for summer blasting !!

So if you've ever ridin the gorge before basically the whole area to the left of the two original lines is chocka block full of lovley massive tranny's ,landings , berms , rollers etc etc theres gonna be some crazy stunts go down at these trails man , an even TJ Lavin is help'in dig , he's in Queenstown with MTV doin some reality show thang for a month !!! Big up's to all the local QT crew, international crew, QLDC & Queenstown bike club for help'in out !!! Bring on Summer !! Hell yeah !!

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