Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New bike event & ride guide !

Had a coffee & a good chat with Anna Smith from THE MIRROR about the Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon & up an coming BMX events that I'm organising along side the Wanaka Skate Committee in the Wanaka area to help fundraise for the Wanak Sk8 park extentions, it's real cool to see the local paper getting behind the Bike community. It's going to be a fortnightly feature starting on Wednesday 12th November called "Making Tracks" focussing on bikes ya know big & small wheeled beasts along with some of the known spots to ride , products , clubs , groups & even a question & answer section , no doubt they'll be some silly ??? asked. The Mirror circulates about 23,223 papers around Queenstown , Wanaka, Crompton, Alex ,Clyde , Roxburgh , Arrowtown etc etc it'll most definatly get the word out to central Otago about what's happining in ya hood !!! Word UP !!

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