Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon prizes prt 3

Sam @ Revolutionnz in Christchurch just hit me with a spanking hard Federal " Notorious " 08 frame for the shredathon , it didn't hurt one bit ! The winner of the mens open will walk away with this sexy brake free piece of 4130 !! It's not this weekend boys & girls but next weekend saturday 15th November ! So get ya ass in a seat , get online , oh yeah you already are haha , an show your support for NZ BMX'ers that run a dope shop & an know there shit , get some goodies & dial that beast in ! Check it out Revolutionnz , it's dope , it's online & they send all over NZ !! Forget the Miss's man , hook ya devil machine up ! It'll love ya for it ! ( come on you remember "AGGROMAN" don't ya, hit d link if ya ain't ever seen it man , back to 1989 you'll go ,32 minutes of Eddie Roman's maddness it's so old skool & funny a fuck !)

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