Monday, November 10, 2008

Anchor BMX T.H.W.S. prizes prt 5

Chooper Reid an Anchor local ! Harden the fuck up ! A wee tale 'bout me ears !

BMX on d brain @ The Anchor

arh cast off dis morn & hooked me lunch ! Oh ARH rainbow trout fresh out Wanaka lake !

arh found Anchor BMX booty floatin by wit a mermaid , sexy lass she be & arh got some

Wit a bottle rum & belly tum full , it be time for a tale 'bout The Anchor i say ! Twas a rainy day Tazi lad Leigh Giason ( funny as interview in "Open Road" issue of REBELYELL with Leigh , research hahha) left his Island one day , wit none but a $20 BMX , $$$$ & his brains , i say ! He set sail for Melbourne , wrestled a goat on d way , dis boy's gotta play , Land ahoy by golly i say , so anchor was dropped in 'ol melbourne bay ! " what a load of bollocks, on to land to open my shop !! " So to this day The Anchor can be found & sure is a dope BMX shop 100% rider owned & run , full of loads of good booty for ya 20" styles , straight up ! Thanks heaps & Big up's to Leigh & The Anchor crew , Tim will always be watching & haunting The Anchor ! arh , catch that troll , run him threw , before he le eats you !! Horoscopes here ! Stay Fit ! And watch out for strangers
sorry 'bout all the links hahhaa this is what happens when ya find stupid humorously funny maddness online !! Enjoy it !

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