Thursday, November 6, 2008

BLACK LOTUS T.H.W.S Prizes prt 4

Mr Black Lotus Dan Hunt , blast'in some crazy structure , were are those thangs ?

more dope prizes !!! click d image & buy online !

Retro raaaaddnessss !

I'm lov'in the mailman these days , everyday he brings more prizes for the Shredathon , today all the rad t's from BLACK LOTUS turned up , owned/run/designed by Dan Hunt a shreda outa Canberra (OZ) , it's all about supporting the indie brands as much as possible man ,as we ain't to much into those corp-pirates at all !! BMX is owned by the riders these days , straight up ! BMX'ers know what they need & loads of parts these days that just kick ass are designed/tested by BMX'ers ! So if you want a dope sprocket with NO tight spot BLACK LOTUS has it sorted ! Dan's a engineer an has gotta hold of some darn strong Alumec-89 , stronger than 7075 Alu , Struth ! Get involved man support rider owned BMX brands !! Thanks heaps Dan ,dig that dirt trail lover !! Power in numbers aye !

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