Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tim Hales - rest in peace bro.

Tim Hales shredding in Melbs show'in the auzzies kiwis do fly !
I was sadly just told of the loss of Tim Hales life in Melbourne , Kiwi's can fly man an Tim was a shredder for sure !! My condolence's go out to Tim's Family who will surly miss him , his extended BMX family in Melbs & to the whole Anchor BMX crew ! Sion & Jess had a nuthing but good tales to tell about this ripper when they came back for abit before flyin out for Wales, this is realy sad news , i hope everybody is supporting each uther & trying to remember Tim for his sound kiwi humour & his skills in a 20".
I'd just like to let everyone know that I'd like to dedicate the first Annual Wanaka BMX Jam I'm organizing to raise funds for the parks planned extentions for mid to late November in remembrance of Tim Hales , I'd also like to extend a warm welcome & invite any of Tim's mates to come an shredd in his memory & offer accommodation while you stay here in Wanaka , just talk to Sion or Greg about my kiwi hospitality , my son Marley & daughter Dharcy wont mind they love being around lots of BMX's !
I'll have a date soon for The Annual Wanaka Tim Hales BMX Jam when i've done the flyer i'll let you all kno !!! One love & Respect , rest in peace Tim.

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