Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon 15 Nov 08

Ok i've set the date , for the" Tim Hales Wanaka BMX Shredathon " which will happen every year in november @ wanaka sk8 park & will help raise funds for the new extentions that will include LIGHTS !!! Oh yeah , i'll have the flyer done in a day or two (or as soon as i hear back from some of the possible sponsers) then it'll be sent out to almost every bike shop in NZ maybe , plus all over the web for you all to circulate....REBELYELL BMX MAG & REVOLUTIONNZ are onboard , cheers heaps guy's & FLY BIKES may also be helpin out, i'm just waiting to hear from Guiri who's at the Las Vegas Interbike Show ! Stay posted aaarrhhh 7 weeks & i never done this before mmm...should be heaps of time to organize this !!! If you can help out with any Prizes or know of someone/somebiz who also might be keen to get involved , Hola back : or send them to this blog !

Cheers , an make sure ya dig trails OK !

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Anonymous said...

sup james its john i've torn my ligaments so i may not make the jam but i'd be keen to help out in settin up and shit email me at if you think its a good thought but if the jams in 6 weeks i'll be riding by then sweeeeeeet