Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Catty -shocktoberfest

What you need to know & who's involved.

Robbo made it from d UK , well tucked @ Catty

just incase somebody is lucky enough to be in the Penn state area Catty Trails is hav'in a jam man to raise funds for the on going drama of getting insurance & a massive fence around their trails !! I'd be thinking that some nice footage from the nice day's of riding & the comp would help make a sweet dvd , easyway to raise funds also ! Yeah i know what's it got to do with NZ ? everythang man ..... if you've seen "save the woods" or Vinyl BMX's 'best of both worlds " you'll see that these trails are dam incredible & so inspiring , an a set of trails like Catty that get BMX's from all over the Earth hangin out , dam it would be a colossal dam loss to the world of trail loving people !!!! Good luck to all the Catty crew !! Check out www.pawoods.com for some nice shots,vids & news !! They dig & u should to !
mmm i'm getting a bit chessy with the dig calls maybe maybe not ?

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