Wednesday, September 3, 2008

VinylBMX "best of both worlds" QT screening !!

Vinyl_Woozy_Promo from Vinylbmx on Vimeo.

I finaliy got a copy of this sweet as sick dvd coming , it's full of TRAILS gallore , 'lil park & street but mostly TRAILS !!! Tom Arkus put it together , yep the same dude who edited the "Australia Trip" vid .You canget your own copy from the boy's at in OZ , nice chaps they are & a pretty dope store to.

But Don't forget if your in NZ has got you covered , so show your support an shop at for all ya BMX treats . I'm already sorting a night out with Jono & Matty @ REVOLVER BAR , Queenstown so ya can watch it on their DOPE as giant screen , lounge in a sweet sofa & have a couple a beers OH YEAH see you there ! They'll be a gold coin entry to pay to help pay for my gas from Wanaka to QT to Wanaka haha that's 200km man , that gas shit ain't cheap now is it & i got 2 kids , a FU dog an 2 fluffy pigs to feed haaha no date just yet tho , soon come !!

So while ya waiting heres a tease for ya the & put this little vid on Vimeo a few months ago , watch it !! i think yo'll like it ! Go blast a 1/4 man !

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