Monday, September 15, 2008

vinyl - best of both worlds !!

this vinyl is mos defnatily for the trail heads out there & dvd player, not the 1200's !

Tom Arkus.... shredder , filmer , artist & editor of his nice site & the " best of both worlds" is one real sweet dvd that ya gotta have in ya stack !! Mostly filmed around Austin TX & d north east US , from Austin play'in in & on the streets & parks then d best part (trail head for ya) some of the locals from 9th st , Boner , Eastside , Catty & Posh trails stylin it thru some of the dopest rulin trails the world has !Oh Yeah ! You can get a copy from . Yep 10/10 man , as good as "save the woods" well i don't think anything beats "save the woods" hahah 99.8% TRAILS
All the QT , Rad trails & Stony Hills diggers were all loving it ! Shit it was one of the driving forces behind keepin us all focused while diggin @ Stony Hills over the weekend ( more on these trails sometime soon , maybe) ya gotta love dvd's eh rewind.... run it from the top none stop ! Big ups to the diggers who helped out this weekend , H is gona have some fluffin to do with all the new lines evolving ! Go Dig !

check the post last month ( or is it this month ?) for d sweet preview , it's worth a look & good luck findin it haha this blogs editor is a messy manic ADHD jubbled up wierdo who needs some kinda braintwistin physcoanalizing who dreams of piles if soil ? OH YEAH ! Trails

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