Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My devil machine bites !

Me , Marley & me devilish Pantera 2 after 3 days of rain & a whole lot a strippin !

raw as fuck oh yeah ! bring on the rust haha !

yes it's trubmx 4130 rawness !

gotta thank Adam Cornish & sydney TAFE for d hubgard chur chur !

Marley's soo stoked , if i kick d bucket he's hooked up haha , i think Marlz just digs d ride or it could be the sugar rush he's on , no more trainer wheels buddy !

Who remembers the scene from AGGROMAN callin his BMX a devil machine aye ?? Shit i am old haha !!! Yeah well i had get naked wit my ride & stripper her down , soo over puke Tony yellow , 3 hours , 3 flat whites , a hot stripper , some rags , a dvd , loads of toxic fumes & walah raw 4130 mmm , BIG big ups to Guiri @ http://www.flybikesbmx.com/ for the treats , miss ya amigo , so does Marley & also Nath G @ http://www.phatlines.com/ for the original SLAMS i pinched of his pit bike, i just hope they don't end up in me guts haha they'll go in alot further this time Ouch ! Big ups to d Stony Hills Trail crew , the DOPEST trails in the South & all the trail diggers out there you know what up , keep that shit underground ! RESPECT !

if ya woundering what H.O.T. is all about keep on guessin haha no sorry Hide Out Trails there in Glendu bay on private land hiding out from nosey peeps , were i've been diggin with Elvis , yes he lives haha rock on & Dig suckaz , private trails rule...... more on H.O.T. later ! No never hehehehe !

Oh check out http://www.72psi/ , that's if ya don't already kno what James Watson's up to ! His latest post " My Fluzi wieghs a tonne "does hav a good point who realy cares if ya think ya bad ass on a bike ........ who cares how many stunts & tricks ya can do..... if ya ain't stylee ya suck haha !! As long as were all hav'in fun should'nt we all just get along & feed of each others energy ? Ya Dig ? TRAILS

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