Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Red Bull Dirt Pipe - OZ

Donges lookback well above the pipe!!!

Hunt stylin , red dirt mmmm.
O my do i miss the red dirt of OZ!!! An Red Bull love going big don't they, 6 years of planing an the Dirt Pipe event held on the weekend (23/24/25 may 08) near Mt Beauty, is another fine example of what is possible with lovly filthy dirt!!!! check d footage out at pedal power.
Respect to the brains behind this beauty set up!!!!!! Cheers fa d tip off G, you lucky lucky boy you where there writing for !!!! Check d pic's & Ryusty's words on the gig at . You won't be dissapointed !!!
mmm i'd like ta spend a few days ridin the dirt pipe oh yes !!!
It's always good ta see mates rippin, Dermo (from Berowra trails??R.I.P.) & Tom Booreman who has soo much style , i remember Tom taking Adam & me to a real sketchy rusted up half pipe with massive holes in the flat bottom in sydney somewhere near a big swimming pool, Tom just laughed about the holes in the ramp, put his helmet & signature elbow pad on !! an got his boost on !!!! hell on wheels alright Newtown's (Skidney) evilest wheels store!!!

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