Sunday, May 4, 2008


yo here be the trailer, well hit the link anyway for the new PA Woods vid "save the woods" (while ya there get a copy fa yourself,a must f ya collection!!!) trails trails trails with Brain Foster, Tony Cardrona, Brain Yeagle, Geoff Slattery, Robo & Brandan Pundai along with loads more off the style bosses that grace the Pennsylvanian woods!!! this'll get ya all ampted fa some winter diggin (best ta keep it legal too!!!! talk ta ya local council or friendly land owner as private is always better!!!)

There will be a NZ Premier at Revolver bar as soon as i get my copy, in the post so not too far away hopefully. It'll be a bit of a fundraiser for the new skate park & gorge rd jumps (winter extentions) in Queenstown, we'll split the $$$ raised 50/50, an may be a screeing in Wanaka at some stage to, may be @ Shooters bar, also a fundraiser for the new jump park & wanaka skate park ( new extentions to come for the park!!! more bowls more fun). Also Dudz mm just ain't looked into it, where to screen it!!! SHOOSH CYCLES (dunedins best bike shop,u noel that!!) may be, hey Sarge!!!!!

i just need to talk to the LWCI (lake wanaka cycling) an see if their into to abit bit of a fundraising,mmmm we'll see how that goes!!!! they don't like us bmxaz ha ha !!! what eva


Anonymous said...

Hell Yeah !!! EVOL20

Anonymous said...

will there be copies of "save the woods " on sale at premier???

if so how much??? maybe post more details when you get the dvd/dvds