Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lands End Trails Wanaka NZ !!! soon come.

Fly trails R.I.P. dec 06-jan 07

The line from d 1'st landing. Fly trails R.I.P.

3 hot as sold months of diggin, time 4 a kodak moment ha ha !! Fly trails R.I.P.

Guiri (Spain), Nico (Germany) & James (NZ) fly trails R.I.P.

My son Marley has 2be d youngest digga eva !! (Fly trails R.I.P.)

TRAILS IS TALKING!!!! Yep i've pretty much secured, i just need to finalize a few thing's, but it's on!!!!WINTER DIGGIN IS BACK!!!! A sweet new SECRET spot in the wanaka area to finaly rebuild what was dozed !!!!! TRAILS TRAILS TRAILS sweet beautiful TRAILS, so for those who where lucky enough to roll the Fly Trails or to just go an take a look at them expect the same trail steez when diggin begins an by summer the plan is to have a couple of real nice lines up an rollin...boostin doubles, hips, 1/4's/rollers, berms ya kno all the fun as real 20"traily styles!!!!! more news to come as the diggin begins!!!!!

If 2 diggers were able to build the Fly trails by hand in just 3 months think about what'll get built with 3 diggers over the next 5 months!!! OH YEAH !!!! i hope it rains so much an summer comes late as!!!

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