Monday, May 5, 2008

dirt 1/4 is shapen up sweet !!

Well Wanaka's lookin sweet lake side bit a snow up there, no trout tho!!! The dirt 1/4 is nearly finished,just want that trany dialed, but looking sweet ta blast the hell out of right now anyway!!!

It's just a bit sketchy ta work on ya gotta time it right or you'll get jumped by the fat guy, ask Lowell he knows an he was just blasting !! it's right on a corner & the bank it's in has a golf course above it, a few people lookin as they smash their balls around & drive by!!! here's this guy slapin an shapen away, watering the dirt with his can!! ha ha ha!! Must look odd to 'em

So if it don't rain to much this week it'll be sweet for boostin, one or two more sneaky sessions an it'll be well dialed!!!!!! Cheers fa d help Pete & Lowell (top right holding shovel- Pete C man ha ha that's wrong)

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