Saturday, May 24, 2008

Justin Inman brakeless @ SOLAME TRAILS

Justin Inman Solame local/trail boss!!

Just a short one, i'm not enough of a computer geek ta work out how ta put this vid i just found at on me blog!!! hit d link, look fa videostore on the home page an scroll down ya can't miss it."Loteks Justin Inman" is the title. Yeah FIT BIKE's Justin Inman is rollin Solame trails brakeless.

I kno Auzzie Russ rolls Catty trails brakeless, he be boostin the big lines in the new PA WOODS dvd "save the woods", an it's nuts seeing lines this big being hit brakeless RESPECT!! even Chase Hawk puts brakes on to ride Catty or as he said "ha ha you'd die" !!!!! Hola bac Chris Janis how else rolls Catty brakeless??? ,an don't forget this Satuday 31st May if ya in QT come an Check out the NZ premier of PA WOODS "Save the woods" it's got be the best trails vid to date, Trails is talkin !!!! will be a well good night, with Matt Eddy's new Band "BUSHMAN" playin phat natty congo dread Roots rock reggae after the vid!!!!

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