Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wanaka Jump Park - big line

from d roll in, d racey 1st stepdown table you shouldn't have ta peddle into this hopefuly.

2nd & 3rd from d 1st table then it's into the berms

outa the berms into d 4th & 5th

there's a racey table double thing (6th) just b4 this big l lefty berm

outta d last lefty berm & couple more tables 7th & 8th.
The big kiddies line so far is lookin fun, the digger in the first shot helps add abit of scale to d project, their all about half the size of the big line at the Frew Farm, it's all settling well an those trany's are feelin hard & lookin just abit on the mellow side tho!! either way it'll still be fun to have something local (300 meters from where i live) ta ride as the Land End Trails (wanaka) are being built (news about these trails later check the pics from the fly trails (RIP) that Guiri & I built, @ in the news "Guiri's update feb 3 07) expect the same well packed mean finish!!! only better & made off clay tho!! big scary doubles, berms,rollers, hips, dirt 1/4's & dirt bowls oh yeah!! mmmm.
It's been raining heaps in the past 3 days an the big line looks well nice all wet & miost mmm!! The falls good as it's lookin well drained, only a few wee puddles on it, more pics later. The supposed expected opening date for these jumps is late June, if the weathers all good that is. The 443 fellaz seem to be getting the job done, an i'm look forward ta having a roll when all the works done, thanks to d QLDC & LWCI for makin it happen!!

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