Sunday, May 4, 2008

ooowww !! trubmx bro !!! ha ha

T.R.U.B.M.X. (trail riders united bicycle moto cross) yer it's a choice wee acranum (yer lets hope the spelling improves ha ha !!) well it's the start of the lower south islands input to what's going on an all that in 20"

winters back so expect a lot of digging to be done around these parts over the next 5 months wanaka, QT & Dudz have all got projects on the go. Along with new concrete being poured in QT & soon Lake Hewea more on that later !!!!!!

dirt, park, street, flat, ridin, grinds, flows, boosts, spins, spots, hops, pops, chinks, slams, chicks, who, what, where & when we'll try our best o keep you updated with alsorts of news to do with 20" antics, well local indeed from Dunedin-Wanaka-QT-Invervagas an all the inbetween spots!!!!!!

website soon ta come along with trubmx shop, yep online shoppin 4 all ya 20" bits an pieces, parts, vids, clothing, mags etc, well it's a big project an theres lots of shit ta sort out fa the online shopping!!! soon come.

nuff said fa now got go find what's d hap's, oh an try ta keep warm -3d last night bbbbrrbrbrr

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Anonymous said...

hell yeah!!! evol20 !!!!