Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wanaka Jump Park - the small stuff

lookin in from d 2nd entry line 2 d basin.
lookin in from d 3rd line entry 2 d basin

on top of the last a step up, it's gota super flat landing??

the end of d 1st, 2nd & 3rd lines u can link up with em after the basin area.

ahh beautiful wet rainy wintery wanaka !!! perfect fa diggin !!!

This how all the small stuff is lookin, the kids are gona love this set up, more of 'em might even nag their folks to buy them a 20" once this is all open to the public ha ha!!! It's good to see a piece of crap land covered in invasive non native trees evolving into what will become like a hub for kids of all ages in wanaka, lets just hope the QLDC puts in some rubbish bins or the place will end up as littered as the wanaka Sk8 park !!!

Even with rubbish bins at the Local Sk8 park so many of the little trendy sk8ter punks just chuk there litter on the ground!!! when asked nicly to put their rubbish in the bin they're like " F*#K OFF, i don't care the coucil will clean it up" or "why don't you pick it up for me ha ha"!!! WHAT THE F*#K !!! What ever happened to the tidy kiwi's of my generation!!! Some of the parents around wanaka need a good kick up the arse for lackin to educate thier kids about keepin NZ clean & green!!!!!! nuff said!!!
Rain drops catch d flash good, that's what all the streaky white dots are!! arty eh!! Bwaahaahaa !

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