Thursday, May 8, 2008

FULL PIPES @ Lammermoor Range wind farm ??

"what's dis then AYE mmm a PIPE!" Sion & his buddy, but if ya have a close look at these wind turbine poles (shafts) they look sweet as ta ride, how do i know there wind turbine shafts well Sion told me so an his word is sound as!!RESPECT! N IT!! there in Wales or england somewhere at the factory where there made ( they only get to ride these pipes on Boxing day as secrurity is tighter than ya......, hope ya don't mind me use'n the photo Sion, but i just gotta plant a seed 4 some criminal mischief !!!!!
Well there planning to build a masive wind farm in Otago (New Zealand) with loads of wind turbines on the Lammermoor range somewhere between lake Mahinerangi & Middlemarch, I don't yet kno when construction starts but i'll keep ya posted, when they do start building it'll be worth scoping out whether or not (we will ride them) ya can jump fences or what ever ta have a session in one ( no no not a bong a ride ha ha) shit it'llbe well worth the bust anyway just for the ride & footage !!!!!
Secrurity will be real tight i'd say as there's loads of over zealous greenies dead set against it!! Idiots!! i'm green as, i'd much rather windfarms than Coal power plants or worse still NUCLEAR power towers spilling radioactive steam out in to the crisp NZ air !!!
Time for some researching an i'll ket ya all kno what i find out !!! oh yer IF YA AIN"T USING IT!! TURN D POWER OFF AT D WALL MON!!!! Save power aaaahhhhhhhhh may be more dams ya can ride them checkout the far side whe ya drive past te Waitaki Dam one hell off a Giant 1/4 may be 100 foot !!!

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