Thursday, June 26, 2008

wanaka jump not open yet !!!!

the jumps arn't open yet girls calm down !!! pads are always good tho!!!

Yeah those fellaz buildin the mountain bike jump park are either over it, playin in the snow or makin DH trax in clyde ? Not much has been going on in the park except the wind blown all d carpet around. So i guess it means the jump park won't be opening as earlier predicted at the end of june ( it has been raining abit), but hey it doesn't mean that ya can't have a roll on a hip or two, ha ha nuthin like a sneaky cheeky roll ta stretch ya legs aye and the big left hip on the big line after the first s berm feels real nice !!!! It's a public park an if ya pay ya taxes who can realy stop ya from rollin the lines aye !! Security ?? bwaahhaa !!! there ain't no goons around that i've seen, just a fool with a ruben tread mark on his face ha ha it's a long story.
oh ya might wana stay off the obvious soft & boggy stuff as you'll only rut it out (the big line was built first an is hard & sweet ta roll but i didn't say that did i ha ha ) an don't get busted ridin the place (watch out for narks) as there are signs everywhere sayin ''Closed to public" & "Keep off " etc etc, the parks not gonna get hurt ( there are loads of cracks starting to appear & it's not cos the place is dryin out either tho it's cos as d dirt settles an subsides or should i say shit is starting slip abit as was maybe abit rushed ?? what do i kno tho ha ha) if ya hurt yaself it's ya own stupid fault fellaz!!!! Hopfuly the snow all melts an they finish the jump park by the end of july !!! but don't hold ya breath tho !!! an watch out for those bitch ass pine cones all over the lines their dodgy & will easily make ya eat shit hard !!
I'm gonna get hasseled about this post maybe, what eva it's a free country ha ha ha ! Some people need ta just chill out an not be so serious all the time man, Trails are fun !!! nuff said.

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