Tuesday, June 3, 2008

trails philosophy

At the edge of the woods Wanaka styles.
Diggin trails is about passion for something that alot of people just don't understand, there are the riders an then there are the riders that dig more than they ride ,well over winter any way an by the time summer comes back theres gona be some nice new bmx trails here in Wanaka !!
Doubles, berms, hips, rollers, a dirt 1/4 or 2, funtimes & a wicked view. An the best thing about the new trails is there on private land so my self & my buddy ( his parents own the land ) say who can ride them & who can't, if ya don't dig ya don't get ta ride these lines !!! No exceptions what so eva !!! any way with the qldc public wanaka jump park nearly finished, i don't think there will be many who realy care about what were up to in our woods, an that suits us realy perfectly !!! just like a decoy!!! what were up to will remain a secret hiddin from peering eyes.

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