Wednesday, June 18, 2008

PA WOODS whoknows shitty vid

CATTY TRAILS heres a small oldy from the woods of penn state !!!! if ya wana copy of the new full length dvd "save the woods" send a $25 in a self addressed envolope to : trubmx P.O. Box 784 Wanaka Otago (nz orders only) this is a sweet as trails dvd the best i've seen for a long time!!! Tom "Robbo" Robinson, Russel "Auzzie Russ" Brindley, Brian Foster, Mark T, Tony Cadrona ,Punjab, Brain Yeagle an heaps more trail dogs shreddin @ Catty & P.O.S.H !!! 90% trails & a bit of ramp,street but it's mos def a trails vid fa real !!!!

The funds from sales of "save the woods" is gonna be sent bac ta Chris Janis (filme/rider/digger @ Catty trails ) but hurry will be sold out soon !!! big up's ta all the diggers out there!!!! keep on diggin the earth man from dirt we come, on dirt we play & back ta dirt we'll all go !!!! PEACE

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